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Reuben McDowall Fulton

Morning Tracey
Say hi to the newest member of the Fulton family, Reuben McDowall Fulton, born at 4:55pm on Monday in the BIRTH CENTRE and weighing 7lb 3oz. 
Thank you so much for your support and advice, we’re so happy that we could have him in the birth centre, we had such a great experience. 
We were home and eating a well deserved chippy by 10pm on Monday. I managed on just 4 paracetamol and a bit of gas and air so I feel like super woman at the minute!
Thanks you so much again, you’ve been fantastic 😘
LoveBecky and Lach 

Hi TraceyHope you are well.I just wanted to let you know, baby Orla Eve Finnegan was born last Thursday night. I can't believe I'm saying this but it was an amazing experience! I loved it! 
This is in the most part due to hypnobirthing, coupled with the amazing staff at Wythenshaw hospital and the birthing pool.
So, firstly thank you so much!!
I was starting to get panicky as the talk of being induced had happened, I had turned it down and was being monitored daily. 
At 40 plus 10 she arrived.
I woke up at 5:30 am having mild but pretty regular contractions. It was super hot in our flat, so we went over to my parents, I chilled in the paddling pool and had a nice al fresco lunch. Throughout the day the contractions were building but still manageable with my breathing. I basically counted to seven and pictured the wave but I pictured the wave coming right over me, cooling me down, because it was hot, this was a lovely image! I was also in my happy place on the beach in north Wales.
By 5:30 pm we were driving back from my parents via pets at home to pick up cat litter and m&s for snacks as I fancied a "picky tea". The contractions got more intense and whilst pausing to breath through it in pets at home car park, I thought we really should be at home, now, relaxing.
Sean dropped me at the door of our apartment whilst he went to park the car and as soon as I got indoors the contractions ramped up. I ran the bath and was in it for a minute but the pain was getting to me and this was the only moment I had a wobble and started to feel a bit panicked. Anyway I refocused, leant over the ball, Sean warming up m&s snacks in the kitchen, offering me mini lamb koftas, I ripped his head off, the smell was vile!! 
I called the birthing centre but explained I didn't want to come in too soon and I would rather be at home, all the while having contractions on the call, pausing to breath through it, then get back to the conversation. She said that was fine and just to call back when ready.
5 minutes later, Sean called and said (without my knowledge) she's further on than she thinks!  
The car journey was a low point but breathing through the pain made it bearable. 
When we arrived at the hospital and entered the birthing centre, i genuinely felt like i had arrived at a hotel. Sandra greeted us (who I believe delivered your first two babies) and I felt instantly at ease. We also had Frank the student midwife who was also brilliant!
I lost my birth plan somewhere on the journey but we managed to explain what we wanted to Sandra and she just got it straight away. Sandra did the internal check and i was delighted and amazed to learn i was 8cm dilated!! This was all thanks to hypnobirthing!!
Sean took our giant fan which was a godsend and meant we could deliver on the birthing suite, as there was some talk of it being too hot and potentially having to move up to the delivery ward. 
As soon as I got in the pool, it felt amazing and i had a desire to push. I had some gas and air at this point which was lovely!! After just an hour in the pool, Orla was born. 
I used hypnobirthing from start to finish and even , having stitches, when the doc had to check for blood clots and learning to breast feed! 
So, thank you again, I will be recommending you and hypnobirthing to everyone! 
Amy, Sean and Orla xx
To be continued! #positivebirth

Frankie Bolder

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