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Pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula support

Pure Birth

Having a doula reduces:

  • Overall caesarean rate by nearly 50%

  • Length of birth by 25%

  • Need for induction by 50%

  • Pain medication by over 30%

  • The need for forceps or vacuum extraction by 34%

  • Requests for epidurals by up to 60%.

  • Doula-attended mums also report less pain during birth, fewer signs of depression, and a higher level of self-esteem.​

Unfortunately the system doesn’t allow for a named midwife and it is highly likely you won’t have met her before she walks into your birth.

I am passionate about giving a constant nurturing and caring relationship to a couple to enable the journey from conception to birth and beyond is a calm and very happy one.

Post-natally I offer breast/bottle feeding support, night nursing, looking after baby while you get sleep in the day or need to go to an appointment or just need space to breathe! 

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