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Hypnobirthing course


The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a complete, unique pregnancy, hypnobirthing and birth preparation course that runs as online sessions plus one on a Saturday. The official Wisehippo book, handouts and 7 x mp3s are provided to support your practice at home. You wouldn't need to do another course as well  as this full course. They are also a great way to make new friends Learn more at


‘Huddle’ antenatal course


 ‘Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic course. I’ve just let myself have a few weeks of letting it all sink in before I get focused!

The information on the course was more than I ever expected and it’s made me feel prepared and exited to give birth rather than having anxiety of the unknown. I’ll keep you posted and I’ll definitely be back to the hideout post baby to do some classes, it’s such a nice space I’m so glad I looked you up!’ 

NHS classes are unfortunately getting less and less and very difficult to assess if in fact the hospital runs any anymore. Other well known courses have also not moved on with the times either and I constantly have people locally asking me for an alternative that doesn’t cost the earth so as well as my full antenatal Hypnobirthing  course that I’ve ran for 18 years I’m launching a three session birth preparation course for only £80. It’s no good just having information, it’s so important you have ways of managing changes and how to understand and be able to make informed choices. My passion for a positive birth experience shines through in everything I do. You will receive refreshments and a workbook and all the information you need to make your own informed choices and decisions. I include a lot of birth partner support, what may happen on the day and how to navigate and stay positive through your birth. There will be lots of tips from myself- an experienced birth doula of 18 years who has supported over 260 couples achieve a positive experience and a chance to ask any questions you like without feeling it’s a silly question! Two sessions are based on preparing for the birth and the last one is early day preparation where we will focus on how you feel and how to cope with your emotions of being a new parent. It’s also a chance to meet other couples and join The Huddle social group where you can access lots of free meet ups. All classes are at The Bump and Baby Hideout which is warm, calm and relaxing. It will probably be your first experience of The Hideout but it definitely won’t be your last as you will hopefully want to come back for a gorgeous pregnancy treatment or for classes with your baby in a place you are familiar and will no doubt know others already in the local community we are creating here. 


Doula Pregnancy and Birth Support

I am a very experienced birth doula of 17 years. I have supported over 250 births and from background I am a qualified adult and childrens nurse, the longest standing hypnobirthing teacher and trainer in the area(16 years) and am the owner of The Bump and Baby Hideout in Sale where we provide a nurturing hub for everything pregnncy birth and baby related. I am passionate about support at this time of a couples life and absolutely love what I do. I am welcomed into so many families and regularly support couples with their second/ third pregnancies! I have vast experience on supporting all kind of birth experiences incuding home birth, VBAC, higher risk, induction, gestational diabetes, birth after a past traumatic experience,birth after loss and much more. For more information

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